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Read this before you die


By Finny Chalumkal                      

I know what is going through your mind while reading this title. So before proceeding I want to make it clear that I am not going to give any dooms day warning or I am not telling that your days are counted.  But I want to bring your attention to something very essential which is the most precious knowledge in life.
Last week I read in a News paper column article a story of the Persian sage Nasrudin who was running a ferry boat. An intellectual happened to be in his boat. The scholar began to mock Nasrudin's education who was not much educated. "Have you ever studied geography?" asked the philosopher. "No" answered the simple ferry man. "Then You have wasted a quarter of your life. What about astronomy and mathematics?" The professor questioned him. "No, nothing like that" was the answer of Nasrudin. "you have wasted much of your life" The scholar laughed at him. After some time Nasrudin found that the boat is sinking. While trying to save his life he asked the philosopher "have you ever studied swimming?"
"No, that is not much important" the professor responded quickly. "Then you have wasted all of your life - the boat is sinking." Nasrudin replayed while jumping to the water to save his life.

We may acquired every possible knowledge but still can be ignorant about the most 'essential', 'fateful', 'important' knowledge about our life.  These days I am worried about the fact that millions of people on planet earth are dying with out knowing what Jesus did for them.  With out knowing the penalty for their sins have been paid out by Jesus, and by just believing in the sacrifice of Jesus on cross they can save their life from eternal wrath. 


Man I want to tell you that you may not be knowing about a lot of things around you but at least should know what Jesus did for you.  It is the only knowledge which will come in your favor when you face your creator.


 "The blood of Jesus,  purifies us from all our sin."