Kenneth Haywood updated News (August 26, 2008, IST 06.30)

A foreign national who operates from Andheri, works for the same company where Haywood was working has come under the ATS scanner.  "It is surprising that people like Haywood and Stanislaus manage to procure business visas from our missions abroad and indulge in employment or religious activities in India. We have informed the Intelligence Bureau," said ATS chief Hemant Karkare.  In India a foreigner with visit or business visa can not preach or be involved in religious activities.  Those who are coming for ministry purpose, it is better to get a conference visa and avoid risks like Haywood and friends had.


  Kenneth Haywood -The 'Missionary' wanted by ATS- fled out of India (August 19, 2008, IST 23.00)

American national Kenneth Haywood, who was facing a look-out notice issued by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) left the country through Delhi airport.  ATS had asked him not to leave the country pending investigations after the email warning sent by Indian Mujahideen minutes before the July 26 Ahmedabad serial blasts was traced to his Internet Protocol address.  Earlier the investigation agencies were in the conclusion that his IP address was hacked by the terrorist group and even he cleared the polygraph and the brain-mapping tests conducted on him turned out to be negative.  However, through Indian media new questions are arising about his religious belief and intentions to stay India.   Haywood was working with Campbell Whites which is allegedly a front of the Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM), also called Potter's House.  The first of these questions  is his links with a Christian group Door Christian Centre, which is part of CFM.  Haywood and his other foreign colleagues in Navi Mumbai, have been working actively for the Door Church in India which is part of Pentecostal outfit.  Now as he fleed away from India the Investigators  are wondering if their effort was just missionary work, or something more sinister. 

What may be the fact?  B2B assume that as the BPO industry is booming in India a lot of foreigners are present in cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and even in Hyderabad.  It is natural for them to set their on congregations for their convenience as most of the Indian churches are conducting their services in domestic languages like Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu or in  Kannada.  So the media allegation that his activities with  the Church is common for any Born again Christian and nothing in it to be suspicious.  If Campbell White's Senior operations manger (India) based in Bangalore is  a pastor, he is in Door Christian Church, not in any of the Indian indigenous churches, so we are suspicious about the Indian Press' attitude towards an individual's personal religious convictions.  Any way we believe without the help of Indian authority it is imposable for Haywood to slip out,  he traveled from Mumbai airport to Delhi then Delihi to U.S.  otherwise how this double security breech can happen.  Earlier their was report that Haywood accused Some Senior Officials are harassing him to get bribe.  It was not his fault to found refuge in his own country but the system in India should be changed.